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 Here at Kate Marie Jewelry we strive to make the most trendy and comfortable jewelry for everyday wear

Pressed Metals


Custom hand pressed metal bracelets and necklaces

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Hand twisted Rings with lab made gems

About Us

My jewelry Journey

Every time I would buy jewelry, I'd wear it for a few minutes and get itchy red marks right away. Larger Jewelry stores never tell you what metals are in their jewelry. When nobody knows what their jewelry is made of they always end up getting allergic reactions from it. I and many other people, would always be itchy and uncomfortable so we just never wear jewelry in general. Now I wear jewelry everyday. I only wear the jewelry I make because I know there aren't any harmful metals in it. 

Our Jewelry

Our jewelry is made of a pure brass and copper alloy and a pure silver and aluminum alloy. This means there are no bad metals, no irritants, and it does not rust or tarnish. It doesn't need to be constantly cleaned and it's super affordable. 

Thank You!

Our jewelry is super affordable because we want everybody to enjoy our jewelry as much as we do. Thank you for joining us on our jewelry business journey!

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Call or email us at (570)573-8686 or KateMarieJewelry@gmail.com


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